q: what is honeyritual tea?

a: honeyritual is the first asian wellness tea that comes with inspiring self-care rituals. think of honeyritual as a multivitamin for your body and your mind.


q: what are honeyritual teas made of?

a: honeyritual is the only tea that uses whole fruits and flowers rich in functional healing properties. these ingredients have been consumed for thousands of years across asian cultures, and are studied by scientists as plant-based medicines. they also happen to taste amazing!


q: how do i brew honeyritual tea?

a: please follow these brewing instructions:

12 oz boiling water + pour in 1 honeyritual packet + infuse for 10+ min


q: do i have to use a tea bag/infuser/pot with honeyritual?

a: it is not necessary because honeyritual is designed to be a beautiful, floating tea, and the tea tastes even better with longer infusion times. however, you can choose to use one if you'd like.


q: can i make iced tea with honeyritual?

a: yes! for iced tea: brew with the same instructions as hot tea, leave cool for an additional 20 min (leave ingredients in the cup.) add ice as desired.


q: can i adjust the flavor intensity of honeyritual?

a: yes! for stronger flavors, infuse honeyritual tea ingredients for longer than 10 min. unlike traditional teas, honeyritual teas cannot be over-steeped.


q: are the honeyritual ingredients edible after infusion?

a: yes! honey red jujubes and other ingredients in honeyritual are frequently eaten as delectable parts of soups and desserts in asian cuisine.


q: who created honeyritual?

a: learn more about the co-founders of honeyritual here.


please email us at team@honeyritual.com or use the chat on this page if you have any questions. we would love to hear from you!

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